Bakunawa is an ancient and mysterious presence of an immortal caliber, an archaic being of nigh-absolute power who existed in times of unordered universal chaos as the rival and sworn enemy of The One Being. As a creature described as a Grand Supreme Elder God who dates the current gods of earthrealm, Bakunawa fought his eternal enemy and crushed The One Being, a titanic bout which resulted in the creation of the realms of creation, though because of this, Bakunawa himself was also weakened enormously, pieces of his power sealed into magic artifacts and spread throughout the realms. Described as the great, great ancestor of Onaga, Bakunawa is the singular progenitor of the entire Dragon King Lineage.


Bakunawa is a creature of numerous forms, and depending on which transformation he is in at any given time, his physical appearance can vary and change drastically. He typically takes on the form of a humanoid, youthful male with a towering, herculean build. His body is decorated in rock-like cracks which have a constant stream of flame-like glowing red energy poking through them. Likewise, his eyes are consumed in the same kind of burning energy. He has long, wild and untamed raven black hair and is of a deathly pale, ashen gray complexion, dressed in an obsidian armor with demonlike and dragon themes to its pieces.


Bakunawa is a merciless, sadistic, cruel, cold and violent individual. His only goals are feeding is insatiable bloodlust by hunting down and conquering opponents. He cares not what kind of being he faces, trivial things such as alignment, goals, race, or where his foes came from do not even cross his mind, if his opponent can offer him a challenge, or rather, how he see's it, entertain him before he crushes them unconditionally, then he is satisfied. His hunger for battle is like an addiction, one which he is constantly seeking to fuel by creating death, chaos, and destruction against strong beings, though the slaughter of weaklings does not interest him at all.



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  • Bakunawa is considered the final product of my previous two experiments, Tenryu, and Kokuryujin. I had touched upon and tested out a few concepts with the previous two characters so as to properly flesh-out the idea's I had for them. Though I consider the two a failure, Bakunawa is the spiritual successor to both of them, and is subsequently something which I consider to be far, far greater than them in the long term of things.
  • Bakunawa is also the name of a dragon in Filipino mythology, a dragon said to be so enormous that he could quite easily swallow the entirety of planet earths moon. I saw the name and the general myth of Bakunawa perfect to be representative of this character for these reasons.