Heaven or the Heavens is a realm in the Mortal Kombat series.

Raiden heavens

Raiden's ascension to the Heavens.

About the HeavensEdit

Heaven is the realm whene the gods reside, and the final destination of the souls who died as moral and righteous beings. There is very little known about this mysterious realm other than is one of the two realms that is infinite and is the opposite of the Nertherrealm. It is an amalgamation of the East Asian and Christian concepts of Heaven. The realm can be accessed via soulnado. Scorpion's Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance ending says he was ripped apart by the purity of that realm, indicating that impure beings may be obliterated upon entering.

Native SpeciesEdit

  • Gods - Though questionable as it may be, the Gods are considered to originate from the Heavens. The Elder Gods' place of origin appears to be the universe itself, however.

Notable ResidentsEdit


  • Raiden - God of Thunder, and a former Elder God.
  • Fujin - God of Wind.
  • Kenro-Ji-Jin (Earth God) - Elemental God of Earth.
  • Suijin (Water God) - Elemental God of Water.
  • Fudo (Fire God) - Elemental God of Fire.
  • Kumari - Goddess of the Sea and Islands.


  • Souls of the rightous beings of the dead.
  • Earthborn gods - Jeevan the God of Life, Damious the God of Space, and Eclipse the Goddess of Death.


  • Shinnok - A fallen Elder God (former).

Relationships with other RealmsEdit

Obviously, the Heaven's biggest threat comes from the Netherrealm, its polar opposite. While it doesn't get mentioned much in the games, there are hints that it seems to be in neutral relationship with other Realms. As it is considered paradise by the denizens of Earthrealm, its citizens look upon it with favor.