Luna mk x by toxic raiyne-d8e16kr

Born in Earthrealm. She was raised in Japan, but was later relocated. In Japan she lived as a local villager in a small dense forest. She was aware of the feud between The Shirai Ryu and the Lin Kuei. It wasn't until one fateful day when she was a teenager that a being under the name of Scorpion slaughtered her younger brother. Enraged, she pledged and alliance with the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei. Sub-zero(Bi-Han) was ordered to train her. Luna was sent to a mission in which to assassinate the head one of the generals of the Shirai Ryu, but upon that mission, she was captured and nearly perished. If it wasn’t for Bi-han who was sent to look after Luna, Bi-Han managed to assassinate the general and together made a swift escape. Being grateful she became the right hand of Bi-han since thenWhen Mortal Kombat 1 began she learned that her master was slain, by Scorpion. Killing all who she cared for, she vowed to take down the murderer of her brother and master. With only Vengance on her mind she followed under the footsteps of the elder Sub-Zero. After the death of her best friend Bi-Han and the automatizing of the Lin Kuei, Luna had no other choice than to join forces with Shao Kahn’s rebellion army. During her time serving Shao Kahn, she met a new person by the name of Rain. Rain studied her skills during a mission to invade earthrealm, and falling in love with Luna, took her under as her apprentice and her future bride. Luna learned better fighting skills and arrogance under Rain. Now 25 years have passed, between her and Rain they both slowly plot how to overthrow Shinnok and the rest to conquer the rest of the realms starting with EarthRealm.

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