Plasma's original name was Ektor Plas. He started to be known as Plasma by his enemies after to be transformed in robot. He was one of the Lin Kuei's ninjas transformed into robots. He was originaly born in USA.


Plasma owns no personality since he was converted into robot as other ninjas of his clan. He is aggressive, like all robots and doesn't rest until complish a missions given to him.


He has an appearence similar to other robot-converted ninjas, however he has two big and permanent knives replacing his hands. He is predominantly blue like Cyber Sub-Zero, but has a different tone of blue and in different places. He also has tones of gray, white and black in his body. Unlike other robots, who has a ponytail in their heads, he has two ponytails: one on the top and other on the back side of his head. 

History Edit

The american martial-artist Ektor Plas has joined the Lin Kuei clan as part of a debt after the clan save his family from a terrorist attack in Chinese ground. He has huge skills with knives and blades in the hand-to-hand combat. He was choosen in the Lin Kuei to missions that less stealth and more combat was required. However, his time as human in the clan was short. He's soon been converted in robot and his combat skills and obedience has been enhanced. After the transformation, Ektor started being called Plasma bye his enemies around China, but his robot name, given bye the Lin Kuei is a long sequence os numbers and letters. Until days of today, Plasma continuous obeying to Link Kuei's grandmaster, and his programation has not been currupted yet, unlike Cyber Sub-Zero's was. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  •  Martial Arts skills
  • Enhanced strenght
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Kinves in his body
  • Power to fire plasma blasts from the blasdes in his fist and from his chest.

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