"Hanzo Hasashi... is dead. I am... THE SCORPION KING!!"

After giving into the sorrow and rage of losing his loved ones and giving rise to a rage and wrath more intense and all-encompassing than anything before, Hanzo Hasashi had succumbed to his inner demons and consecrated his body to the tainted jinsei. This subsequently transformed him into a monster with godlike powers and a monstrous appearance unlike that of anything the Shirai-Ryu ninja master had ever demonstrated before. with his humanity forsaken, Hanzo discarded his past once and for all, and became the reviled and terrifyingly powerful Scorpion King, a beast with the likeness of a scorpion, and wielding drastically enhanced powers of fire and all new abilities to his name.


Upon concecrating his body to the poisoned jinsei, Hanzo's body was transformed by the extreme amounts of negative energy and dark emotions which geld with his own. He abandoned his mortality and obtained a transcendant body, far more powerful than that of the one he was utilizing up until that point. He was effectively transformed into a monster of a stature not entirely unlike that of the shokan race. A thick, insect-like hide of dark charcoal gray dermal armor composed his skin, lined with countless glowing hellfire-orange/red accents. Now sporting a total of eight limbs, four of which are extra scorpion legs that can be used as weapons, and a ninth, being a tail with a poisonous stinger on the end of it. The scorpion king also has a total of five eyes, an extra pair opening over his original, and a another vertical eye in the center of his forhead. His mouth his now filled with deadly fangs and a large pair of pincer-like claw fangs which cover his cheeks, giving him a distinctive appearance highly similar to that of a scorpion. There are also a pair of large and extremely sharp claw-like pincers growing on the backs of his hands.


The Scorpion King was born out of Hanzo renouncing his humanity and life in general. His psyche and mental stability seems to have been severely effected, finally collapsing due to the sorrow of being left without his family. It seems that willingly throwing himself into the poisoned jinsei has warped and contorted his mental state to a point that much worse than anything previous, transforming him into a bloodthirsty, tyrannical monster whose only concern is inflicting pain, destruction, death, and suffering, a personal vengeance to let the world know of the suffering that he himself is forced to live with every day. The scorpion king is extremely dangerous in this way, he can't be talked to, reasoned with, bargained with, etc, and treats every encounter with another intelligent being as a fight even if he doesn't know anything about them.



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